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We package, you deploy, NowDeploy.

An abundance of pre-configured applications ready to deploy with your SCCM environment.


NowDeploy frees up your time by making the most common software applications available directly in System Center Configuration Manager, typically within hours of being released. Your new applications come prepopulated with proper titles, descriptions, requirements, and icons.


Your time is valuable. Spend it on better tasks than packaging yet another new web browser update.


In just a few minutes, make dozens of applications available for your users with no IT interaction.


Reduce local admin rights requests by making it easier to install applications users need.


Today's users are finding and using software faster than ever, and traditional IT can be seen as a hinderance as we work to reduce local admin rights and shrink our helpdesks.

By making the most commonly available software available before your users even know they need it, you become the IT Hero.


From the minute your subscription is activated you have access to our entire catalog of applications. Every application you're not packaging is an immediate savings.


Is there anything worse than trying to get pricing on a product from the webpage only to need to talk to a sales person? With NowDeploy's Upfront Pricing, you'll know what you're paying without even giving up your first name.


That's right - completely free! While this plan is meant as a way for you to test a subscription in your environment, you're free to use this as long as you'd like. Download up to five applications from NowDeploy. See our application list for more information on what's included.


The Enterprise Plan includes every application currently in our catalog, with access to the latest verisons as they become available for as long as your subscription is active. Enterprise plans are $0.70 USD per Windows System managed by your SCCM environment.

Ready to sign-up?

The NowDeploy AppBuilder, which downloads the applications and configures them into your SCCM environment, must be run on a system with the following:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 / Windows Server 2008 R2 (or greater).
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5+.
  • The Microsoft SCCM Console Installed.
  • Internet Access.

Additionally, the user who executes the application must have the necessary permissions to download applications, save them in the package source folder you define, and add applications to SCCM.

Your Configuration Manager (SCCM) Environment must be running SCCM Current Branch (CB). Builds 1802+ have been tested and are supported. If you require older builds, please contact us.

Your Client Systems that will install/uninstall the packages must be running at least Windows 7 SP1, or the requirements defined by the publisher, whichever is greater. Server Operating systems are also supported.

The NowDeploy AppBuilder connects back to our cloud based service to get instructions on package information, but ultimately the binaries will be downloaded directly from the publisher. NowDeploy does not act as a mirror for the content. Once the content is downloaded to your package source, it runs locally just as any other internally managed application.

Each application that you download from the catalog comes complete with:

  • Application Name, Publisher, and Version
  • Application Icon from the vendor or public domain
  • Application description from the vendor or the public domain
  • Application Requirements (Operating System List Only)

While we do reserve the right to impose traffic limits when abuse is suspected, there are no limits on what you download from the catalog or how many clients you deploy it to, so long as you abide by the rules of the publisher's EULA.

If you do not renew your subscription, all of the applications you've already downloaded will remain intact and completely usable. You will of course not be able to download updated versions.

NowDeploy checks multiple times per day for newer versions of applications that are in the catalog and updates them as quickly as possible, typically the same day. If you're looking for new applications to be included, please contact us and let us know!